Spray drying at pilot scale – online NWGD event

Geplaatst door Ilse-Marte de Leeuw

dinsdag 9 maart 2021

Tuesday the 2th of March we had a successful event about Spray drying at pilot scale. Tetra Pak, Bodec, Bioprocess facility Delft, NIZO and Wageningen University showed their capabilities to dry products at pilot scale and presented some interesting examples. We were really happy with the number of people who attended. In total 78 attendees called in. The event has been recorded and the video can be requested by asking one of the board members. We want to thank the presenters for their interesting presentations.

Nederlandse werkgroep drogen

De Nederlandse Werkgroep Drogen (NWGD) stimuleert de ontwikkeling en toepassing van duurzame droogtechnologie in Nederland. Sinds 1974 verbindt de NWGD droogexperts in Nederland door thematische excursies, symposia en andere activiteiten.

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