NWGD Symposium 2021 ‘Drying and meeting 2.0!’

Geplaatst door Ilse-Marte de Leeuw

dinsdag 30 november 2021

Tuesday 30th of November the NWGD (Netherlands Working Group Drying) welcomed around 70 people for the online NWGD symposium with the theme: ‘Drying and meeting 2.0!’. It was an interesting and successful day with speakers from companies, knowledge institutes and academia presenting their latest research, developments & innovations in the area of drying and dewatering. During the morning Hanne van der Kooij (Physical chemistry and soft matter, Wageningen University) kicked off talking about ‘Drying droplets in a new light’. Followed by Ruud Borger from Comsol talking about advanced modelling of drying processes. Next Peter de Jong, from NIZO food research and Van Hal Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, presented about how to control and optimize protein functionality in dairy powders. Kendra Rademaker from Meam-International finished the morning with microwave drying technology.

After the lunch break, Sune Andersen – Jansen Pharmaceuticals – told about Spray drying developments in the pharmaceutical industry followed by Karen Bülow-Olsen from Sanovo Group presenting about Box spray dryers. Next, Yvonne van Delft (EC-TNO Petten) presented their work about Solidarity & Mollier: Efficient Dewatering and Drying. Joachim Müller – University of Hohenheim – talked about solar drying under the climatic and socioeconomic conditions in the tropics and final presentation was from Isabel Siemons (Food Process Engineering, Wageningen University) presenting her work about particle morphology of food materials during droplet drying.

We want to thank the presenters for their interesting presentations!

Nederlandse werkgroep drogen

De Nederlandse Werkgroep Drogen (NWGD) stimuleert de ontwikkeling en toepassing van duurzame droogtechnologie in Nederland. Sinds 1974 verbindt de NWGD droogexperts in Nederland door thematische excursies, symposia en andere activiteiten.

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