WUR excursion incl. ALV

Geplaatst door Ilse-Marte de Leeuw

vrijdag 10 juni 2022

On 8 June NWGD organised an excursion to Wageningen University & Research hosted by the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering. The program consisted on presentations related to conversion of vegetable by streams in powders and lab tours and was concluded with drinks and even more networking.

Maarten Schutyser started with an introduction of Wageningen University & Research and an overview of the research done on dewatering & drying technology at Food Process Engineering. Joanne Siccama and Eirini Pegiou presented Waste2Taste project results in which they propose a novel process for conversion of asparagus waste streams into spray dried powder with retained flavour. After sensory evaluation they discovered that the spray dried powder outperformed conventional convective dried asparagus powders in terms of flavour. Further analysis of small volatile and non-volatile flavours showed that spray drying effectively encapsulates important flavours that are otherwise lost during traditional processing. Martijn Zieverink presented the fast development of PeelPioniers focussing on conversion of huge waste orange peel waste streams (250 kton annually in the Netherlands) into valuable products like orange peel oil, orange cubes and functional fibre. During the general assembly of NWGD we said goodbye to Koen van Dijke (Danone) as NWGD board member and welcomed Gert-Jan Teekman (Hosokawa) and Joost Beekman (DSM) as new board members. At the end of the program there was time for a tour to the metabolomics facility of Plant Physiology and to the labs of Food Process Engineering. Visitors could see the new pilot-scale spray dryer (25 kg kg/hr water evaporation) (Pilot-scale Spray dryer – WUR), smaller set-ups such as single and thin film drying set-ups and dry milling and separation equipment such as air classification and electrostatic separators.

Nederlandse werkgroep drogen

De Nederlandse Werkgroep Drogen (NWGD) stimuleert de ontwikkeling en toepassing van duurzame droogtechnologie in Nederland. Sinds 1974 verbindt de NWGD droogexperts in Nederland door thematische excursies, symposia en andere activiteiten.

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