NWGD excursion Ketjen

Geplaatst door Maarten Schutyser

maandag 20 november 2023

The NWGD was delighted that Ketjen, Amsterdam (daughter company of Albemarle) was willing to host an NWGD excursion this year. The NWGD members were welcomed and briefly introduced to the company’s history (since 1835!) and current activities. Current activities focus on catalyst production for both refinery and making of renewable fuels. Subsequently, in more detail it was explained how the different dryers in the process steps are used to finally produce the fluidized cracking catalyst and the hydro processing catalyst. Both production lines contain several drying steps, for which several different drying techniques are used. These techniques are amongst others: spray drying, belt drying, drum drying and flash drying. After the introduction the visitors were divided into groups for a guided tour through the plant showing the production process and dryers in operation.

After a short refreshment break the visitors were divided in four groups. Each group was introduced in more detail to the specific drying process by an employee of Ketjen who is responsible for the specific drying step. Current operation was presented and past optimization too. After that the visitors were invited to give advice and share their expertise for any additional input for optimization or future research on the presented technologies. This resulted in lively discussions during which all involved learned from each other. Finally, each group presented its findings plenary, giving even more insight to all. After that the group relocated to a nearby bistro were the day was closed with a drink and many different very tasty bites.

Tour Ketjen
Brainstorm in small group during Ketjen Excursion

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De Nederlandse Werkgroep Drogen (NWGD) stimuleert de ontwikkeling en toepassing van duurzame droogtechnologie in Nederland. Sinds 1974 verbindt de NWGD droogexperts in Nederland door thematische excursies, symposia en andere activiteiten.

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