Door |2021-12-23T09:11:35+01:0023 december 2021|

Beste NWGD leden, Dit jaar was een jaar met vooral online NWGD bijeenkomsten. We kijken uit naar 2022 waarin we elkaar hopelijk weer echt mogen ontmoeten! Met hartelijke groet, Ilse-Marte, Martijn, Koen, David en Maarten _________________________________________________________________________________ Dear NWGD members, Last year was a year with mainly online NWGD events. We look forward to 2022 in [...]

On-line Mini-Symposium: Sustainable concentration technologies for Foods & Ingredients

Door |2021-12-02T10:17:45+01:002 december 2021|

On 5 November a NWGD mini-symposium was held focusing on sustainable concentration technologies. Four speakers from academia and companies gave a presentation. Maarten Schutyser from Wageningen University kicked-off with a presentation on progressive freeze concentration discussing results that were obtained in the IPST project FreezeCon. Major result was the construction of a pilot-scale freeze concentrator [...]

NWGD Symposium 2021 ‘Drying and meeting 2.0!’

Door |2021-11-30T16:00:27+01:0030 november 2021|

Tuesday 30th of November the NWGD (Netherlands Working Group Drying) welcomed around 70 people for the online NWGD symposium with the theme: ‘Drying and meeting 2.0!’. It was an interesting and successful day with speakers from companies, knowledge institutes and academia presenting their latest research, developments & innovations in the area of drying and dewatering. [...]

NWGD symposium goes ONLINE

Door |2021-11-18T13:53:11+01:0018 november 2021|

Dear participant of the NWGD Symposium, Unfortunately, the new COVID measures do not allow us to organise the symposium live anymore in de Nieuwe Wereld. We would only be allowed to have a symposium with 30 attendants, which is too little…  Please find under events the adapted program for an online version of the NWGD symposium on the same [...]

Course: ‘Drying – Fundamentals and Applications’

Door |2021-11-02T08:40:19+01:002 november 2021|

With this message we would like to announce the three-day (noon-to-noon) course on „Drying – Fundamentals and Applications“ that will be held in English language from 28 to 31 March, 2022. Organized by Forschungs-Gesellschaft Verfahrens-Technik e.V. (GVT). The planning is a presence course in Magdeburg/Germany, but it may also become hybrid or online, depending on [...]

Drying at pilot scale – online NWGD event

Door |2021-05-26T20:46:06+02:0026 mei 2021|

On the 20th of May we organized a successful event about drying at pilot scale. During this event, speakers from different suppliers of pilot scale drying equipment presented their capabilities and illustrated this with examples and case studies. An earlier event in March focused on spray drying, this event aimed on other concentration and drying [...]

Spray drying at pilot scale – online NWGD event

Door |2021-03-09T18:39:41+01:009 maart 2021|

Tuesday the 2th of March we had a successful event about Spray drying at pilot scale. Tetra Pak, Bodec, Bioprocess facility Delft, NIZO and Wageningen University showed their capabilities to dry products at pilot scale and presented some interesting examples. We were really happy with the number of people who attended. In total 78 attendees [...]

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