WUR excursion incl. ALV

During this NWGD excursion you will have the opportunity to visit different facilities of Wageningen University including the new pilot-scale spray dryer, lab-scale drying facilities of food process engineering, and the plant metabolomics lab. Eirini Pegiou and Joanne Siccama will present results of the Waste to Taste ISPT project that focuses on conversion of vegetable [...]

NWGD symposium 2022

Annual NWGD Symposium - Dialogue on Drying Technology Thursday 22 September 2022  Location: Wageningen Campus, Omnia, Wageningen Thursday 22 September 2022 The Netherlands Working Party on Drying (NWGD) invites you to the annual NWGD symposium on industrial drying. This year the symposium will be held live at the Wageningen University in the new Omnia building [...]

NWGD excursie MEAM, Cosun & Bierproeverij

Excursie naar MEAM Microwave Technology, lezing over duurzaamheid door Cosun Beet Company en bierproeverij in Blue City, Rotterdam. MEAM – Microwave Energy Application Management – is een dynamische en creatieve technologieleverancier van verwarmings- en droogprocessen. MEAM gebruikt slimme energie efficiënte microwave systemen in verschillende industrieën. In Rotterdam is het trainingscentrum van MEAM gevestigd en hier [...]

NWGD Excursion Bodec – Food Tech Brainport & ALV

You are invited for the next NWGD excursion and NWGD general assembly at Bodec in Helmond on Thursday 30 March. The company Bodec is an expert in process optimisation in the food industry and finds practical applications for the latest developments and opportunities in process technology: from design to engineering and production. The company is [...]

Duurzame Droogenergie Dag 2023 in samenwerking met vakblad Bulk

Congrescentrum Orpheus Churchillplein 1, Apeldoorn

09:00u  Inloop 09:30u  Opening – Jos Verleg (Bulk) en Martijn Fox (NWGD) 09:45u  Keynote: Ontwikkelingen in de warmtepomp technologie en integratie van warmtepomp technologie in de petfood droger van Geelen Counterflow – Jan Grift (Blue Terra) 10:35u  Sessie: High temperature heat pumps for energy optimization of industrial drying plants – Julian Kübles (Allgaier) 11:20u  Sessie: [...]

Eurodrying 2023

Lodz Lodz

Lodz University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology and EFCE Working Party on Drying are proud to announce that the 8th European Drying Conference (EuroDrying ‘2023) will be held on 4-7 July in Łódź, Poland.

NWGD symposium 2023

Omnia - Wageningen University & Research Hoge Steeg 2, Wageningen

During the annual NWGD symposium we will host about 100 drying experts from industry & academia to listen to presentations about new developments in the field of industrial dewatering & drying. Drying is one of the most energy intensive unit operations in processing industry and responsible for 10-15% of the total industrial energy use! This [...]

Excursie Ketjen

INVITATION To EXCURSION KETJEN - 9th November, Amsterdam NWGD members are invited for the next NWGD excursion at Ketjen in Amsterdam on Thursday 9 November. Ketjen (a daughter company of Albemarle) has been a major supplier of catalysts to the petrochemical industry for decades. The production of these catalysts consists of many treatments of inorganic [...]

Annual Meeting 2024 of the DECHEMA Specialist Groups Heat and Mass Transfer (WSUE) and Drying Technology (TRO)

DECHEMA 11 - 13 March 2024, Hotel Ratswaage Magdeburg Jahrestreffen 2024 der DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Wärme- und Stoffübertragung (WSUE) und Trocknungstechnik (TRO) Das gemeinsame Jahrestreffen der DECHEMA-Fachgruppe Wärme- und Stoffübertragung mit der DECHEMA-Fachgruppe Trocknungstechnik findet vom 11. bis 13. März 2024 im Ratswaage Hotel Magdeburg statt. Für das Jahrestreffen sind insbesondere für beide Fachgruppen interessante Beiträge erwünscht, [...]

Professional course “Drying – Fundamentals and Applications”

When: 18th - 21st March 2024 onsite in Magdeburg, Germany and online Topics Almost every material used in solid form (from foods to pharmaceuticals, from minerals to detergents, from polymers to paper, from raw materials and commodities to highly formulated specialties) is dried during production. Drying technology is, therefore, a continuously developing field with various [...]

Spotlight talk Webinar EFCE WP Drying 20 March 14:30-17:00

EFCE Spotlight Talks Organised by the Working Party on Drying ELECTRICALLY-DRIVEN DEWATERING AND DRYING Nowadays, drying technologies account for 12-15% of all energy consumed in the industry of the developed world. Water removal using electrical driven rather than thermal driving forces may be much more energy efficient and facilitates easy use of renewable energy sources. [...]

NWGD Excursion Incotec

EXCURSION INCOTEC & GENERAL ASSEMBLY NWGD on 26 March 2024 Incotec is a seed enhancement company with the mission to improve the performance and resilience of agricultural seeds through seed technology. This leads to better crop results. Different technologies are used to improve seed performance such as coating, pelleting, priming, encrusting, etc. In combination with [...]

Powder Technology Symposium

Hotel de nieuwe wereld Marijkeweg 5, Wageningen

  Challenges in Powder Technology an NWGD event on Wednesday 19 June in Wageningen The Netherlands Working Group on Drying (NWGD) invites you to the NWGD day on Challenges in powder technology. We have an exciting program (see below) with speakers from companies, knowledge institutes and academia who will present their latest research, developments & [...]

NWGD symposium 2024

Omnia - Wageningen University & Research Hoge Steeg 2, Wageningen

NWGD Symposium
‘Drying with high energy efficiency and for better products’ 
  Annual Meeting of Experts in Dewatering & Drying Technology Thursday 3 October 2024 
 Omnia, Wageningen Campus, Wageningen The Netherlands Working Group on Drying (NWGD) invites you to the annual NWGD symposium about industrial drying technology on Thursday 3 October in Wageningen. We have an [...]

NWGD excursion Honeywell

Vilvoorde, Belgium Vilvoorde

On 21 November NWGD organizes an excursion to Honeywell in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Honeywell is a company that produces industrial gas burners and systems for hot gas generation, which are very often applied in combination with drying technology. For more information including a video, visit the website of Honeywell: https://process.honeywell.com/us/en/hts https://play.vidyard.com/3LobmuoMDLYSSdgFfdJLpE An onsite tour will be [...]

23rd International Drying Symposium (IDS 2024)

The 23rd International Drying Symposium (IDS 2024), which will be organized by the School of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University, will be held at the Worldhotel Grand Juna Hotel in Wuxi, China during November 22-25, 2024. More information: IDS2024

Practical Spray Drying Course

Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg

Join the 9th edition of IP&D Experts’ Spray Drying Course in Erlangen, Germany This time in close cooperation with Andreas Bück, professor for Particle Technology at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg and Otto Jouwsma, Spraying Systems Nozzle Technology. What we offer: Practical course for lead operators, R&D, engineers, technologists Learn about important items like air control, [...]

Eurodrying 2025 Conference

Omnia - Wageningen University & Research Hoge Steeg 2, Wageningen

Wageningen University & Research and the EFCE Working party on Drying are proud to announce that the 9th European Drying conference (Eurodrying 2025) will be held on 6-9 July in Wageningen, The Netherlands. We welcome you to the city of Wageningen and its international University Campus. NWGD is partner and sponsor of this international conference. [...]

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