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Annual NWGD Symposium – Dialogue on Drying Technology

Thursday 22 September 2022 

Location: Wageningen Campus, Omnia, Wageningen Thursday 22 September 2022

The Netherlands Working Party on Drying (NWGD) invites you to the annual NWGD symposium on industrial drying. This year the symposium will be held live at the Wageningen University in the new Omnia building (Omnia: ruimte voor gesprek, inspiratie en ontmoeting – WUR).

During the symposium, speakers from companies, knowledge institutes and academia will present latest developments & innovations in the area of industrial drying, share challenges encountered in practice and strategies to optimise drying operations. There will be ample opportunity for networking, discussion and dialogue!

During our annual symposium we hear from different users about their experiences with industrial drying operations and new advances in drying research. We invited speakers from several knowledge institutes (e.g. TUD, WUR, and Wetsus) and companies (e.g. Schaffelaar, Bühler, Lyophitech) to present and discuss recent advances and best practices on drying technology. We also will have three pitches of start-up companies that have ambition to supply dried food ingredients but are still looking for the right drying technology.

For the second time we will organise a poster session and award two student poster prizes (1st prize, 1000 and 2nd prize 500 euros) for the best posters within the theme dewatering & drying technology. The prize should be used to visit an (inter)national conference on drying technology and a small oral presentation should be given during the NWGD symposium 2023 on the highlights of the visited congress.

Present your poster
If you want to present your poster, please submit a title, your name and a short abstract of your poster (max. 300 words) to before 1 September. Only students are eligible for the poster price. But it is noted that also others than students are invited to submit an abstract for a poster, e.g. introducing a new product / process, etc. We will have a limited number of place available for such posters.

Time Table

9:00 Welcome, Coffee & Tea

9:15 Opening – Maarten Schutyser – Chair NWGD

9:30 Lyophitech – a new freeze drying technology – Jean Delaveau – Lyophitech

10:00 Drying of dairy products: maintaining key nutritional properties – Thom Huppertz – Wageningen University &  Research / Food Quality & Design Group and Friesland Campina

10:30 Break & Networking & Poster session – 45 min

11:15 Simulating Viscoelastic Droplet Collisions for Better Understanding of Spray Drying – Stephan Sneijders – Technical University of Delft

11:45 PITCH SME: Ojoa, creating 100% natural simple solutions for your wellness  – Marie Degoulet – Ojoa

11:55 PITCH SME: Spray drying oil microcapsules, using plant oleosomes and proteins – Saskia Tersteeg – Time Travelling Milkman

12:05 PITCH SME: Challenges in sustainable drying of upcycled ingredients – Paco Caparros – Greencovery

12:15 Lunch & Networking & Poster session – 90 min

13:45 Electrohydrodynamic Atomization as a tool in evaporation process. Possibility or Dream? – Luewton L F Agostinho – Wetsus / NHL Stenden

14:15 Insect Industry:  opportunities for drying technology? – Jan-Willem Heesakkers – Bühler

14:45 Break & Networking & Poster session – 45 min

15:30 Closing the circle with recovered carbon black, with drying as essential step – Gert-Jan Teekman – Hosokawa

16:00 Feed-grade spray drying of eggs – Harm ter Stege – Schaffelaarbos

16:30 From wet droplets to sticky particles to dry powder: insights from single droplet measurements – Volkert Steijn – Technical University of Delft

17:00 Award Ceremony, Closure & Drinks

17:30 Dinner (if registered)

Participation fees:

  • For NWGD-members € 80,–
  • For non-NWGD members € 125,– (including a free NWGD membership for 2023)
  • For students € 30,–
  • Diner € 15,– (optional)

The participation fees are including consumptions and lunch. The dinner is optional and the additional costs are €15,-. NWGD services are free from VAT.

You can register by following this link: Registration form NWGD Symposium | Tuesday 22 September 2022 (
Please choose your options: member or no-member and if you join us for diner or not.
After registering you will receive an invoice.

For questions about your registration:

For questions about the symposium contact Maarten Schutyser:

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