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EFCE Spotlight Talks
Organised by the Working Party on Drying

Nowadays, drying technologies account for 12-15% of all energy consumed in
the industry of the developed world. Water removal using electrical driven rather
than thermal driving forces may be much more energy efficient and facilitates
easy use of renewable energy sources. First developments on electrical-driven
dewatering and drying technologies show that the use of electric fields can save
50 – 90% of the energy for water removal. In this webinar you will be updated
on research on some emerging electrically-driven dewatering and drying
principles including their future applications.

Please register via the website:

  • 14:30 Welcome and introduction
    Maarten Schutyser, Chair Working Party on Drying
    Boelo Schuur, EFCE Scientific Vice-President
  • 14:40 Electro-osmotic dewatering for semi-diluted feed streams by Sarthak Mehta, Msc – TU Eindhoven – The Netherlands
  • 15:10 Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) drying: Experimental characterization of an EHD
    drying set-up by Judith Ham, Msc – Wageningen University – The Netherlands
  • 15:40 break
  • 15:50 EHD drying and the prospects of its practical applications by Alex Martynenko – Dalhousie University – Canada
  • 16:20 Electrostatic spray drying of whey protein isolate and lactose dispersion by Doll Chutani, Msc – Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark – Ireland
  • 16:50 Discussion and conclusion
    Maarten Schutyser, Chair Working Party on Drying
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